Overcome Procrastination, Master Wealth Creation, & Accelerate Your Business

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Mindstrong Academy's proven self-development system will empower you with the mindset and skills to achieve your goals in just 10 minutes a day, with no long-term commitments or contracts holding you back.

Unlock a Life of Financial Freedom

In just 10 easy minutes a day, you’ll be guided through Mindstrong’s signature tools and training for overcoming procrastination and achieving your goals. This community of entrepeneurs is led by Mindstrong founder and business coach Joel Brown.
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This program is for you if:

  • You're ready to overcome procrastination and achieve your goals once and for all.
  • You want the best tools to improve your focus and productivity, and get more done in less time.
  • You're ready to overcome self-doubt and achieve bullet proof confidence.
  • You're determined to grow your business and increase your income.

How Mindstrong Academy Works

1 hour a week

Our programs are designed to fit easily into your busy schedule, with just 1 hour a week needed to feel and see remarkable growth in your business and mindset. 

51% productivity boost

Conquer procrastination and transform your life. Mindstrong's powerful tools and training will help you unleash your inner momentum, stay focused, and reach your goals.

Live classes

Join weekly live classes with Life and Business Coach Joel Brown + Interact with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, ask questions, and learn from others' experiences. 

What Makes us Different

Mindstrong uses evidence-based methods only. We stay away from hype, pseudo-science and unproven modalities by focusing on what works so you can transform your life and business. At Mindstrong we are interested in one thing — real results!
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Neuroscience-Tested Methods to Make Your Personal Growth Effortless and Impactful For You.


Break Free from the Cycle of Delay & Unlock your Inner Momentum

We offer you proven strategies to conquer procrastination and tap into your creation state so you can turn your dreams into reality.

Through our simple techniques and supportive community, you'll learn how to establish winning habits, maintain wealth building routines, and achieve your dreams with confidence.


Master Your Money Mindset and Wealth Creation

We show you how to harness the power of your money mindset and unlock the best wealth building secrets all highly successful entrepeneurs know, so you can have the freedom you long for.

Our expert-led courses are designed to rewire your thinking, supply you with real strategies, and turn your financial dreams into reality.


Personalized Coaching & Accountability Group

Our coaching isn't just about guidance; it's about co-creating your success story. With live mentorship coaching calls and engaging Q&A sessions, we create a space for you to ask the big questions and get the right insights. Our singular goal is to help you win!
A thriving community

Thousands of students and counting...

"Thank you to all the coaches in each class. Because of the teachings I was able to step outside of my comfort zone, breakthrough my procrastination and turn my fear into fun.
Instead of watching Netflix and doing nothing, now I have created a successful business and I am a full-time Entrepreneur."

"Before joining MindStrong I was in such a bad place in my life. I was lost and confused, and getting nowhere in life. I enrolled in many personal development programs but something was still missing. I saw the procrastination workshops and at first I was skeptical but after making the leap and working through my patterns I am now successful.

This high quality coaching will change your life! This program is what you need to get to the next level so you can achieve success, faster!"

"After doing this course with Joel Brown I had a big breakthrough around my procrastination type and found a good structure around implementing 3 tasks a day.
I’m someone who tries to do a million different things and I always have so many projects I say I am going to complete but I don’t. I am so grateful, so I have signed up to this Academy."


Overcome Procrastination, Master Wealth Creation, & Accelerate Your Business

Embrace the Mindstrong advantage:

Monthly Plan

Free 7 Day Trial
  • Access LIVE On-demand Content
  • Enjoy Weekly Mentorship Calls
  • Early Bird Option for Annual Events
  • Pay per month
  • Cancel anytime
  • 20% off Premium Courses

Become a Mindstrong Academy member today & get unlimited access to:

60+ Business-Building Modules

Unlock our growing library of proven strategies and tools for entrepreneurial success.

Science-Backed Productivity Exercises

Access our collection of guided exercises and worksheets to boost your focus, productivity, and goal-achievement.

Global Entrepreneurial Network

Join our private community of like-minded business owners and connect with peers who share your interests and goals.

Personalized Coaching with Joel Brown

Receive personalized guidance and support from Joel Brown and his team of highly successful entrepeneurs. Live calls every week!

Try it for Free for 7 days

You don't have to commit fully today. 

Simply say "MAYBE" and explore our program for 7 days. If it's not right for you, cancel your account with just one click - No hassle. No questions asked. We're confident in the value our program provides, and we want to ensure you're completely satisfied.

Overcome Procrastination, Master Wealth Creation, & Accelerate Your Business

Embrace the Mindstrong advantage:

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Monthly Plan

Free 7 Day Trial
  • Access LIVE On-demand Content
  • Enjoy Weekly Mentorship Calls
  • Early Bird Option for Annual Events
  • Pay per month
  • Cancel anytime
  • 20% off Premium Courses

Unlock Even More Success with These Exclusive Bonuses

Master Your Sales

Unlock the secrets to closing deals with confidence and consistency, and watch your revenue soar.

Conquer the Matrix

Break free from the ordinary and unlock the secret to achieving extraordinary results with highly successful entrepeneurs.

Design Your Vision

Clarify your business purpose and create a clear roadmap to achieving your most ambitious goals.

 Frequently asked questions 

How is this teaching going to be presented?

The content you will experience in the MindStrong Academy will be LIVE weekly coaching calls with Q&A. Each month we have a special guest and you can also access the video recordings of workshops with Top Coaches, Speakers and Authors inside the academy platform.

Will there be books and supporting material throughout the course?

Yes, some of the courses will have worksheets and pdf guides along with the replays of certain courses where our mentors cover exercises or tools and frameworks when needed. This is a great way to apply and integrate what you learn.

Is my membership renewed automatically?

Yes, the membership is automatically renewed unless you cancel before the next membership period.So here is an example: If you choose the 12-month membership, it is automatically renewed after 12 months for another 12 months.
The $47 monthly membership is renewed each month.

Am I able to cancel my position and what is the 7 day guarantee?

Our goal is to make sure that you have the best self-development experience that we can possibly provide.
If you no longer wish to be part of the MindStrong Academy experience, then you can cancel inside your account within the 7 days of the date you purchased your subscription.

Which payment types do you accept?

We accept various credit card payments (Mastercard or VISA).
We also accept PayPal and GooglePay.

How do I contact Support for Help?

You can email us at support@awebliss.com and we will be able to support you with all of your customer service and or technical needs.

What More of Our Students Are Saying

"My business productivity skyrocketed"

"I was overwhelmed with numerous great ideas but struggled a lot with execution. It felt like I was caught in a loop, constantly battling with my own mind.
But once I learned the techniques to re-pattern these subconscious programs, the transformation was powerful. My business productivity skyrocketed, and on a personal level, I experienced a newfound discipline.

This course reshaped my entire outlook on life."

"I was completely blown away!"

"I am someone who is really focused on growth. I do a lot of personal and internal work, I attend conferences, read books and watch seminars. 
So I did not know what to expect out of it. But I was completely blown away In just 3 short days I was able to get the clarity that I needed. But on top of that, I was given the necessary tools for me to be able to shift my negative thinking patterns into patterns and thoughts of creation. I was able to get the tools necessary to break the roadblocks that were stopping me from stepping into my full potential."

"It's massive personal development"

"The workshops here are mind blowing. I used to struggle to be successful but after working with Joel and his coaches I have broken through the limitations.​

This is massive personal development and this is just the beginning. Thanks so much Joel Brown. I’m now moving forward and taking action.

"Today I can see the bigger picture"

"The conquer your procrastination tools were really helpful and as always Joel’s teachings and lessons are mind blowing and today I am able to see the bigger picture of my business.

​It’s great that it’s making us dream and think more beyond what we have known and beyond the box we have been in."

Overcome Procrastination, Master Wealth Creation, & Accelerate Your Business

Embrace the Mindstrong advantage:

Monthly Plan

Free 7 Day Trial
  • Access LIVE On-demand Content
  • Enjoy Weekly Mentorship Calls
  • Early Bird Option for Annual Events
  • Pay per month
  • Cancel anytime
  • 20% off Premium Courses